The Kase Project experts are here to help you discover innovative business strategies and lucrative partnership solutions to effectively and efficiently promote your geographical region, be it city, town, village, or area, to the international tourism market.

We can help drive tourists to your region by helping you with innovative administration and forms of business organization in the tourism industry.

This includes innovative business strategies that aim at the most effective and efficient attraction of visitors to a geographical location or to a wider geographical area that includes more sites of touristic interest. An example of such an innovative approach may include the organization and operation of a formal (e.g. with the form of a joint venture) or informal cooperative scheme involving private individuals, tourist organizations, collective bodies, local authorities with a view to undertake specific initiatives and actions aim to upgrade the touristic product at a local level.

As a conclusion (of the above), the benefits of adopting innovative activities in Tourism are many and particularly important.

  1. Enhancement and protection of the natural environment of the area
  2. Penetration into new markets for potential visitors
  3. More efficient response to customer requirements
  4. Attract new visitors to the area and preserve existing ones
  5. Increase the competitiveness of the local business community
  6. Increase local employment
  7. Strengthening the local economy while protecting the culture and natural beauty of the region.

Feel like exploring the possibilities?

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